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  3. What is Corrugated Cardboard?

Corrugated cardboard is a product that is obtained by placing the layer, which has one or more corrugations, between flat layers.

A standard single wave cardboard has three basic sections;

  • As the outer paper, high quality liner, which constitutes the printing surface, is used.
  • As the intermediate corrugation paper, fluting paper, which generally takes the corrugated form when heated and which has solid structure that keeps this form when it is cooled, is used.
  • The inner paper does not have much importance in terms of aesthetics since it is not visible on the interior surface.This can be craft liner, testliner or fluting paper according to the required strength.

Double wave and triple wave corrugated cardboards are also manufactured as well as the single wave corrugated cardboard.

The types of corrugated cardboards vary according to their number of layers as well as according to the structure of the waves.

The boxes, which are formed from corrugated cardboard, are the packaging means that are the most wide spread and they are the packaging that keep, carry and help for the sale of the product that is placed inside.


This is obtained by adding various chemicals on to waste paper that is collected by 100% recycling in order to increase its strength. It is used as the corrugation paper and as the inner surface paper of the sheet. This is not used on the printing surface. The SCT and CMT paper tests are taken as the basis for quality classification of fluting papers.


This is a paper with double layers, which is obtained by coating the recycled fluting paper with primary fibre dough (obtained from craft waste) or with secondary fibre dough (every kind of waste paper). Its colour is tried to look similar to the craft paper by adding pigments on to the outer surface dough. It is used on the printing surface and on the inner surface according to the requirement of the customer. Testliner papers should be resistant against water absorption and should have high degree of resistance against burst and should have surface smoothness.

White Testliner

This is a testliner paper with double layers, where it is obtained by coating the recycled fluting paper with white paper dough.

Its suitability for printing, its quality in terms of visibility and aesthetics are the reasons for the choice.


This is a paper type that is obtained from wood cellulose. Tree types, which has the highest fibre lengths, are selected for the production. These are the papers that have the highest strength and they do not have water permeability.

This is used on the printing surface in general and on the inner surface up on request of the customer.